Old School is Good School: Print Products by Sticker Mule and GotPrint

Even though TCB Guys focuses on the digital side of marketing, I am often asked about print products and where to get the best quality for lowest prices. Over the years, I’ve tried several places. But when it comes to printed products, my two favs clearly stand above the rest.

StickerMule.com and GotPrint.com


Sticker Mule Rules

First, let’s talk stickers. I love stickers. I have a ton on my car (too many probably, but I can still see through the back window). I have them on my travel mug. I have them on my HydroFlask. I love stickers. And I love to give them out. Because, who doesn’t love stickers? I know I do! And I know you do, too.

And where’s the best place to get stickers made? Easy. It’s StickerMule.com. I’ve been using Sticker Mule for several years. I’ve done TCB Guys stickers. I’ve done client stickers. And lately, as I began heading up the Fresno Skulk (Fresno FC supporters group), I’ve done tons of Skulk stickers. And I am about to put in a large order for one of my bands. I can’t say this enough: Sticker Mule rules! This is fact. Hear me now, when I say that even though I am being compensated for publishing this article, I believe every word I’m saying. 100%. I should have written this long ago. You can find my posts on the socials to prove that I’ve been touting Sticker Mule for a long time.

Sticker Mule has this great system where if you start an account, they send you special deals regularly via email. You can try out new types of stickers, as well as labels, buttons, coasters, magnets, packaging tape, and even their own hot sauce (that’s right: Sticker Mule Hot Sauce). Types of stickers I have tried: circles, rectangles, kiss-cuts, die-cuts, transfers, and bumpers. I’ve tried label rolls, circle magnets, coasters, packaging tape, and buttons (I even won an order of buttons during their 100 days of giveaways over this last summer). I have never been disappointed, and neither have the other fans in our group. Seriously, I think the only thing I haven’t tried is the hot sauce. (Sorry guys, I’m pretty partial to Sriracha).

The vinyl stickers are top quality. No fading, no peeling. Just great looking stickers. Die-cuts are great and that’s what everyone wants. And the Kiss-cuts are cool, too, because you can use the cut off real estate to add details you don’t want on the sticker itself.

And the buttons are also fantastic. When I brought a sample to a match, everyone wanted them. Just like that, they were gone. I’ve done several rounds of buttons.

The other products I’ve tried have been great, too. I haven’t had much need for coasters or magnets (though they all went quickly). They are great quality, though, and your drink even tastes better when sitting atop your own custom coaster. The packaging tape is awesome. Again, I don’t do much packaging so I haven’t repeated an order (and still have about 90 feet of it). But it is top quality.

If my word isn’t enough for you, try it yourself. In fact, you can try it out and we can both get $10 in credit if you sign up by clicking right here!


GotPrint also Rules

Now when it comes to printed products like postcards, business cards, bookmarks, and the like, I always go with GotPrint.com. I’ve been using them for over 10 years now. Always my go to, and always the company I recommend when asked.

I love my business cards. They are super thick and could probably be used for self-defense if necessary. Right now, you can get a thousand cards, 16-pt matte, full-color on both sides for less than $33. I mean, really? Do it now! Why go anywhere else?

I’ve done 4×6 glossy postcards for my bands that everyone loves. They look great and feel great. Every client I have sent to GotPrint has come back and said thank you. The work is truly impressive and the costs are so low it doesn’t seem right.


The Final Word

After all is said and done, I have cards falling out of my pockets and car all the time because they are too cheap to not have hundreds and hundreds of them at the ready. And I am stickered and buttoned to the hilt because, well, I love stickers and I’ve found the best source for them. Sticker Mule and GotPrint. This will always be my answer to your question of where to get printed products.

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